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Canada Broke The Ice By Officially Testing Driverless Cars



driverless cars

Driverless cars are robotic vehicle designed to travel between the destinations without any human input. These autonomous vehicles navigate to a predefined destination without any human intervention. Proponents of the autonomous vehicles suggest that they will eliminate the accidents caused by driver’s error. The greater precision of the automatic system will improve the traffic flow. It will dramatically increase the highway capacity and reduce the traffic jams. Moreover, this futuristic concept car will make life easier than ever before and allow the commuters to do other things as well while traveling.

Driverless Cars Testing In Ottawa

Driverless cars

Canada took a historic step forward for self driving cars and signaled the progress for an autonomous vehicle all around the world. The first test for self-driving cars on public roads took place in last month in Canada allowing it to celebrate a technological milestone. This street test was conducted in Ottawa’s west end along with technology developed by Blackberry. Blackberry’s ONX team is involve in developing self-driving vehicle software.

Canada runs this test not in real life condition because during demonstration the roads was close. Still, it is the first step towards the widespread integration of this quite exceptional and remarkable IoT product in our lives. Ottawa is an innovative and smart city. It is the hub of diverse technology and has the expertise, technology and the talent which is important to spark autonomous vehicle innovation. With an extraordinary support from BlackBerry QNX and its Autonomous vehicle innovation center Canada is facilitating the smart initiative, research and fueling innovation. To optimize the routing technology at traffic the lights was set for the communication with cars during a test.

Driverless cars before becoming mainstream are facing plenty of hurdles and challenges, but the final debut of this most futuristic concept is going to change our lives.

Preliminary Testing

Today, driverless cars are becoming beneficial for the society as well as individuals. Cities all around the world are welcoming the self-driving car testing. The California Department of Motor vehicles gave consent to more than 40 companies. Now they can test the concept of driverless cars in reality. As Ottawa it also seems significant. But it is far away from the legal structure which we all need for the integration of self-driving cars in public sphere.

In this regard, US Senate committee recently voted unanimously to allow a bill to move forward. This bill will secure the future of self-driving cars. It will also allow testing to commence without any hindrances from the state government.

Self-driving cars are the real definition of future mobility on roads. It is taking the traveling experience to the next level. We are not sure about the timeline when this autonomous most futuristic concept of vehicles will debut the market. But, as the legislation for it is gaining support in different cities including Canada. It seems that the society is embracing this transformation. There is a hope and likelyhood that soon we will evidence such technological revolution mainstream in our transportation industry.

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The 7 Future Tesla Models We Expect To See In The Coming Years!



Future Tesla Models

In order to achieve a substantial effect on air quality, the electric vehicles need to gain achievement in multiple segments of the market. Shortly, we would have to see magnetic pickups, luxury SUVs as well as smaller Sedan. In 2016, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, presented the second part of the company’s ambitious plans. He stated and acknowledged the need for more heavy duty trucks and high passenger density urban transport running on electricity. It’s not an official release of the future Tesla Models. Musk even stated that Tesla is already working on a few examples and it will be ready to reveal some of them to the public in 2017.

The 7 Future Tesla Models Ready To Enchant Us!

future tesla models

You might be thinking about the possibilities for future EVs. Keeping that in mind, I came up with seven vehicles which Tesla is going to produce in the coming years. Musk has suggested or confirmed some of these future Tesla Models  in his speeches and blog posts. For the rest of the part, we can imagine what direction a successful EV maker is going to take in the 2020s.

1. Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 took the storm in the auto news for almost a month after its release. The talks about this futuristic concept vehicle are still in the air. The final product has not revealed, but hundreds of thousands of people are engaged in parting with $1000 to get their name featured on the list. Tesla Model 3 is guaranteed and promising a terrific acceleration. With $35000 starting price excluding incentives, the range of this model is more than 215 miles. The demand of the Tesla Model 3, particularly in the US Market, is more than the expectations, hence forcing the company to accelerate its goals.

Future Tesla Models

2. Tesla Pickup Truck

Just take a look at some of the market dominates over the last five years. You will come to know the trend of pickups. It is the model forcing automakers to reckon with. Automakers are selling millions of pickups annually with an average of 20 miles per gallon on the lower end. That’s where the role of electric pick up comes into play in the pickup truck market. According to Musk, Tesla is also rolling out its plans to create one. Hence, there are high hopes for an electric pick up shortly. Our imagination suggests it would be cross inspired by the two 2016 models introduced by the Mercedes-Benz pick up. It won’t be similar to the Chevrolet Silverado.

In Master Plan Part Deux, Musk confirmed that Tesla is working on Pickup Trucks. Today, we know little about the vehicle because the company is in the early stages of development. However, the unofficial rendering was helping us to envision the model of the Tesla Pickup. Additionally, Tesla will build an all-electric cargo van on the chassis, and it was developing it for the pickup trucks.

Tesla pickup

3. Tesla Minibus

Another possible future Tesla Model of the electric vehicle on the list is the Tesla Minibus. According to Musk, there is a dire need for sizable public buses with maximum utilization of interior space. These small autonomous electric buses will transport a passenger to various destinations. This small electrical bus will feature a steering wheel or center aisle and these vehicles will also accommodate bikes and wheelchairs. These autonomous cars will be able to drop the clients from their door to door. Our educated guess suggests it would be similar to Volkswagen I.D buzz appearance which has made its debut in an auto show in Detroit.

Tesla minibus

4. Tesla Roadster 2.0

This futuristic model will take everything Tesla has learned about building cars so far. It will remix the technology and then doubles it. It would be a halo car for the Tesla. World-beating specs include 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds. Tesla Roster 2.0 is also considered to make its fastest production in the history of automobiles. This masterpiece would be a real transformation of a vehicle into a real supercar. It will outdo Porsche. It is confirmed that the Roadster will scour the earth in future.

Tesla roadster

5. Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla heavy-duty hauler is another entry into the EV list of future Tesla models. Musk suggested that the heavy-duty trucks will have a significant impact on the cargo transportation. It will decrease cost, enhance safety and drive character. It is expected that Tesla Semi truck will be somehow similar to the electric semi truck launched by Nikola in 2016.

Tesla semitruck

6. Tesla Shuttle

Tesla’s electric minibus concept will come to fruition. Then will be able to see expansion in size to offer room for more passengers and it would be Tesla shuttle. It would be same as air shuttle, employee transit or a city bus. Proper use of wireless charging and relatively low battery price are some of the most significant features of the EV. It will attract bigger market as it will have fewer complications as compared to other electric buses. Today Proterra is leaping this segment of the market, and it has successfully introduced public transit option with zero emission.

Tesla shuttle

7. Self-driving Compact Taxi

Let’s take a limb here, think outside America and consider a self-driving compact taxi where small cars are more common and necessary due to high prices of Gass. Tesla will shrink midsize Sedan. It will took away the steering wheel to come up with a concept electric car that would be a big hit with low starting price. Low cost battery would make such EV feasible all over the world particularly where the pollution level catches up with them.

Tesla self-driving taxi

To Sum Up

There is nothing short of ambitions in Musk’s Plan for the coming decade. Among all other things the CEO of Tesla promise to dramatically increase the car production, come up with the launch of one or two entirely new cars and conquer the world of self-driving electric vehicles by the end of 2020. Above mentioned list include what Musk has promised about future Tesla Models and what Tesla is going to accomplish in the next few years.

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These Faster Concept Cars Depict The Future Of Motor Racing!



future of motor racing

Yes, you can call F1 as the motorsport pinnacle. Currently, there are some cars under the influence of energy, but they are not even near to any of the upcoming and futuristic ideas. So, we are here to talk about the future of motor racing.

This Is The Future Of Motor Racing – Faster Than Ever Before

If you are an enthusiast of racing, but you also feel that some of the rules and guidelines usually come in the path of a sterling battle, then you will definitely like a few of the ideas and concepts. They have been unshackling from last year. There is some astonishing new technology out there, and it can give a run to many existing cars and superbikes. If we talk about go-kart jet-power or Red Bull’s genius of aerodynamics Adrian Newey, then they exhibit fantastic technology that could be a depiction of the future of motor racing. Today, we will talk about some of the best concepts of the future motor racing cars we have seen so far in 2017. Let’s begin!

Daymak Blast C5 Ultimate

Daymak Blast C5 Ultimate

Without a doubt, it is the future of motor racing. It is the fastest go-kart around the world. While no one has ever beaten go-kart on the track and we thought that we only need some electric fans, we lacked in terms of imagination. So, this Daymak Blast C5 Ultimate is unassuming-looking kart; it can blow up from 0 to 60 mph (miles per hour) in just one and a half seconds. Believe us; this little giant is much faster compared to an F1 vehicle. Thanks to the four electric deducted fans (EDF) and brushless motor of 10-kW which offers a 60 kg forward thrust.

The move is not usual for motorsports. We have seen cars using fans in F1 to suck the motors down on the track. The Daymak Blast C5 Ultimate has also attached an additional eight more fans on the body to give upward thrust. The performance attributes and handling claimed to go with a kart which weights around 100 kg. The outcome, according to C5 Ultimate, shows that it is the fastest kart in the world.

Renault 2027 F1

Renault 2027 F1 concept

Every year, we witness some astonishing ideas and thoughts from the fantastic brains within F1. Now it is the time for Renault to shine. Currently, the manufacturer is struggling precisely on the track. Nevertheless, the Renault 2027 F1 vision of the car is genuinely aesthetic and jaw-dropping. Like most modern cars, the latest robust hybrid setup empowers this concept too. But this electric vehicle is five times powerful, leading to almost 1340 bhp. It is more than ten times than what you will get with a standard Renault Clio. It indeed is a monstrous concept powering 600 kgs!

The company also has crammed with some incredibly fresh features. It includes active LED wheels lighting that displays active aerodynamics, four-wheel drive, race positions, and an unopen polycarbonate canopy for saving and protecting the driver. The concept has cockpit which is portraying the look of a fighter plane.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie

The captivating Valkyrie is an outcome of the collaboration of Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. Even though it is designed to be used on the roads, it may make a worth-seeing debut on the racing tracks as well. The aerodynamicist, Adrian Newey deserves appreciation for the unique designs of this car in the entire Valkyrie range. He was competent enough to showcase the talent without limitation of F1. The radical cutaways on the bodywork are designed keeping in view the requirement for a perfect airflow.

With the air directed precisely where Adrian Newey aspired it to be, the car provides a massive downforce without exploiting any huge spoilers. Hence, it keeps dragging low, with promising top speeds that remain the same even at the corners. The Valkyrie offers a targeting power with a weight promising one bhp for each kg. It is further assisted by a robust V12 engine, a carbon build. Indeed, this car will show most of its competitors on the road as a spotless pack of tailpipes.

Green4U Panoz Racing GT-EV

Green4U Panoz Racing GT-EV

Le Mans witness the entry of ‘Garage 56’ which is created to egg on preliminary concepts and ideas. It gives a chance to the teams to pit wacky and weird racers like the Delta Wing concept next to more traditional prototype cars. The Panoz team is the latest one to take its benefit. The electronic GT-EV, aiming at the 2018 24-hour Le Mans, is undoubtedly a thing we have never seen before.

The GT-EV cockpit is shifted on the left-hand side, while the right side is booked for a bunch of electric batteries. Contrary to most other electric cars, this car features swiftly removable batteries. They can slide out from the vehicle allowing Panoz to quickly change the battery packs of the car at any pit stop. Consequently, being powered by ten battery packs, the GT-EV can smoothly run for 24 hours.

Roborace Robocar

Earlier in 2017, we saw the Roborace Robocar with the autonomous racer creating impressions at circuits in the arena. But, from then onwards, the Roborace has succeeded a lap of the Formula E tour in Paris with its latest concept car. The previous prototypes were built upon the standard Ginetta LMP 3 chassis. But the design of the newest version of Robocar is credited to Daniel Simon from the Tron: Legacy. The stunning outcome seamlessly illustrates the future of motor racing.

The car requires no driver, features no cockpit, and showcases a few traditional designing cues. On slower speeds, the Robocar lap at Paris is unlike anything we have seen so far. Wholly, all it needs is a bunch of sensors, such as two radar, five lidars, 18 ultrasonic and two optical sensors, along with GPS positioning and six artificial intelligence cameras. The final requirement is to fill up space for drivers with some intelligent brains.

Final Word

We have attempted to gather over here some of the most promising and futuristic concepts of racing cars. Some of them are prototypes, some of them are just ideas, some of them are a concept in brains, and some are near to become a reality. But one thing is for sure. These vehicles are the real depiction of the future of motor racing. We believe they will entirely change the idea of competition.

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Toyota Will Have Intelligent Talking Cars In 2020



Intelligent Talking Cars

Get ready for the intelligent talking cars. By 2020, the car manufacturing company Toyota will start testing its self-driving cars.

Those electric vehicles will not only be autonomous. They will come armed with AI (Artificial Intelligence). They will be able to talk with the chauffeur.

Toyota Will Have Intelligent Talking Cars In 2020

Toyota Intelligent Talking Cars

At the start of 2017, the car manufacturer company went through the idea of smart cars which can talk. Toyota surfaced its new concept-i and the AI.

The moniker of AI is ‘Yui.’ The Yui is anticipated to offer multiple benefits. Some of them are monitoring the driving patterns, schedule, and attentiveness of the drivers, and a lot more.

The interface starts with a visual demonstration of Yui. Toyota is designing it to engage in conversation across ethos to a worldwide audience.

The Yui will be placed on the car’s dashboard, the interior of concept-i’s flow around the passenger and driver side and all the way through the car in sweeping lines.

The interior shapes design will improve Yui’s capability to use the sound, light, and touch to lead into critical information.

According to a report by Reuters, the car manufacturing company is devoted to developing a link between AI and driver because Toyota is competing with the tech companies and other manufacturers that have an investment in self-driving AI and cars.

So, Toyota is ready to put in $1 billion in thriving advancement on both ideas from current period to 2020.

Toyota’s General Manager for business planning Makoto Okabe says that by using this AI tech, we wish to enhance and expand the driving skills, and make vehicles a thing to love again.

Outdoing The Contest


So, we all know that Toyota is not the first one that wishes to have AI to enhance the driving adventure. It was July 2016, when Honda announced that it is partnering with the Softbank to explore AI to increase car safety.

Later, in December Honda disclosed Emotion Engine. The Emotion Engine is a team of artificial intelligence technologies. They are capable of displaying emotions that can assist drivers by giving them traffic and weather info in an eloquent way.


So next to an electric vehicle, the car manufacturers are investing in autonomous cars. Those cars can make the competition more strong and result in innovative designs.

In the end, we must say that AI will be able to bond with drivers, and it is only one of the idea to counter competition. So, the upcoming concepts from other car manufacturers will be intriguing to see.

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