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The First Foldable Electric Skateboard Can Be Fitted In a Bag



Foldable Electric Skateboard

Linky is a foldable electric Skateboard that can be fitted in a bag; it is simply Kickstarter, made by an Italy-based company for young travel-buffs or tourist who want to travel by themselves in foreign places, wishing they had an evergreen transportation without the limits of schedule and location.

LINKY – Foldable Electric Skateboard

With two years of work, the Italian company’s team developed the first full-length Electric Skateboards in the world, which can be folded and fitted in a bag. Using their backgrounds in automotive mechanics and power train systems (the CEO worked at Ducati), it’s also powerful, sturdy and safe.

In development, a big important and beneficial part of this skateboard is its backpacks designed by Italian designer which keeps your hands free and let you carry Linky–Longboard and your other stuff. The bag is designed for luxury brands; you can easily fit your laptop in it, and it fits your other essentials things that can be used during traveling.


Linky Foldable Skateboard is fun and easy to ride. Anyone who can ride a snowboard or a surfboard will find it very easy to travel, while beginners will not have to face difficulties to use.

Linky skateboard is an electric skateboard with a motor which is controlled by an ergonomic hand-held remote, while makers working on an app (in progress) that provides riding mode options and read usage details.


Few details about Linky Foldable Skateboard:

Linky Skateboard weighs 4.9 K.G  and is made of carbon fibre, high-strength polymers from the automotive industry, and a bamboo deck.

You can ride 15 km, and it charges to 85% of its capacity in just half an hour.

Linky’s speed limit is 30 km per hour 18 mph, and it has been tested to resist up to 160 kilos or 352 pounds.

One of the Biggest things for the design team is that Linky skateboard is safe to carry on the plane, so it has been designed carefully to respect the IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules for batteries.

Linky skateboard is a started from Falerone, a hill-town in the Le Marche region of Italy, and it is invented by 4 Engineers and Technician, (average age 28). Entirely self-funded until now, they have recently won €20,000 in a local business plan competition.

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Mixed Reality: The Near Future Of Computing Industry!



Mixed Reality

Displacement of time and space are the two key benefits of technology. Mixed Reality, a term generated by Microsoft, is the blend of real world with computer-generated imagery. Someday shortly, it seamlessly blends augmented reality and virtual reality. The exciting feature of MR is it has potential to unleash the displacement superpowers onto the real world.

Virtual reality is all about creating a computer-generated environment. Augmented reality is overlaying the computer-generated imagery onto the real world. MR is the mixture of both; you can trace its roots back in 1994. It is the blend of the physical and the digital world. Just imagine you can use a real screwdriver to adjust virtual product design or you can overlay the virtual additions and adjustment onto a physical prototype to get an idea of how MR can work.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

To jumpstart the MR revolution and to make consumer adopt MR technology Microsoft is launching Windows Mixed Reality Headsets. Windows Headsets is first major attempt of the organization to sell the concept of MR to the general public. The product features are more closure to virtual reality than a perfect AR/VR hybrid. But this device repackages the main elements of the HoloLens. It has advanced tracking and mapping capabilities. There are different forms available in the market from various hardware patterns in a most affordable price range of $300-500. It allows the users to create 3D spaces and personalize them with media, apps, browsers and much more.

MR is a platform which let people from the general public to build their digital world. It is the first steps towards t

Mixed Reality

he achievement of the leap into the world of tomorrow. If you also believe MR is inevitable next secular trend of computing. Then get ready it going to enhance productivity creativity, improve education and will change the entire spectrum of entertainment from casual to the hardcore gaming sector. Microsoft with the introduction of MR headset is creating an ecosystem similar to how people use the computer today. Meanwhile, it wants to make AR and VR tools as commonplace for the users as mouse and keyboards.

Virtual Tool For A Collaborative Real World

Nonny de la Peña, founder, and CEO of the immersive media company Emblematic, known as Godmother of VR believes immersive technologies are giving an audience the view from the ground. Moreover, she also suggests HoloLen have potential to increase quality and depth of our understanding of the world. Specifically, volumetric capture technique creates the 3D model of objects via multiple cameras and green screen.

The primary shift that MR promises to bring is that content will not be anchored to one particular device. MR by making the use of building blocks create an environment that will enter and use to make interaction with one another. In that context, the devices will become window and allow people to look into and access those world.

Final Word

The concept of MR has profound implications for how we will design apps in future. This idea will allow you to redefine the operating system in mixed reality context. It was important to build a foundation going from silicon to the cloud architecture. It will enable this shift from personal computing to collaborative computing.

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Smart Mirrors Have Made It Possible To Try Clothes At The Store Virtually     



smart mirror

Is hunting for clothes in a busy shop are a nightmare for you? Is online shopping seems to be a big hit and miss? If yes, then pack your bags and get ready for shopping because smart mirrors are the end of fitting room queues. Now, trying clothes is just a single wipe of the hand away from you just because of smart mirrors.

Various giant companies are flocking in, to invest in the creation of a compromise interactive mirror in a shop that let the shopper try different outfits, explore the new world of colors, patterns and even order food as well. In this regard, Three Neiman Marcus stores have a special kind of mirror that let the people try and compare different garments or outfits by just looking in the mirror. Yes, it is called MirrorMe!

MemoMi: A Compromise Interactive Smart Mirror

MemoryMirror is the latest roll out in the USA, which makes the use of augmented reality to showcase how clothes will fit. It allow the shopper to change their outfit with a single swipe of a hand. MemoryMirror or MemoMi is a smart mirror founded by Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky. Inter-Integrated graphics technology in these smart mirrors creates the avatar of the shopper wearing clothes. You can scroll with the hand gesture to change colors patterns and sizes. Another remarkable and stunning feature of this smart mirror is that it remembers the previous outfit choice made by the viewer and helps the shopper to compare and contrast.

Smart Mirrors

Instead of straining your neck and using a wall mirror, this smart mirror let the people see their outfit from different angles and make an addition to suitable accessories. MemoMi works similar to an interactive mirror.

We all want a second opinion while shopping alone. Now instead of resorting a poor quality selfie, you can capture whole body and a video image that you can share with your friends and family members. You can share your shopping avatars with your friends on social media to collect feedback and view instantly to make an in-store purchase. Maybe it sounds creepy to you, but Memomi are always in public areas of the store, not inside the fitting room. Smart mirror display makes the use of radio frequency identification technology to recognize all clothing items available in the room. You can also mull over the options and build personal profiles of your favorite items. Additionally, this technology allows the shop owners to recognize individual customers. It allow staff to make personal recommendations and track what people are buying from the shop.

Smart Mirrors Elevate The Shopping Experience To The Next Level

MemoMi is elevating the experience of style in luxury fashion markets. This multi-channel retail solution is introducing a new way to stay connected with your customers. This Omni channel platform is increasing customer loyalty and sales in store. It is all set to offer a unique user experience. It is also converting otherwise in store visitors into connected customers and breaking down the current retail boundaries. MemoMi is substantially transforming and updating the personal shopping experience. It also helps the retailers and the marketers to gather in-store shoppers’ data and analyze their in-store shopping behavior.

Final Word

Technology and internet have changed everything. More and more innovations are coming out to appeal customers. Smart mirrors taking  the shopping experience to the next level. MemoryMirror is a supreme example of the Internet of thing revolutionizing the world of shopping. It is the perfect smart mirror for in-store clothes shopping. This IoT product is capable enough to capture stills and video of everything you try.

To some shopping is entertainment to many it is something to get through without visible and psychic damages. In both ways, Memory mirror has heightened the emotions and altered the shopping experience with its debut.

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Why Automation Is The Key For Future Of Cyber Security?



Cyber Security is growing in numbers and strength. The future of it seemed to be more challenging and complex. Today the complexity of networks is increasing, and the growing sophistication of the threats is outpacing the ability of traditional security devices to keep up.

Cyber security breaches are steadily on the rise and increasing with each passing year. Today, only 38% of companies all over the world can confidently claim that they are well prepared to handle sophisticated cyber-attacks. Cyber-criminals are becoming savvier than IT professionals trying to keep data secure, and their attacks are increasing faster than the companies can keep. It is evident that the traditional method to ensure security like anti-malware software is no longer sufficient enough for the giant corporations to keep their sensitive and valuable data safe. Therefore there is a glaring need to address the Cyber Security issue. In fact, many forward-thinking IT executives are fortifying Cyber Security strategies with the help of automation, a tool which can ensure higher defense.

Incredibly increasing number of cybersecurity breaches are continually affecting the notable names. Today no company can confidently say that they are adequately protected and prepared to handle sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Why Automation Is The Future Of Cyber Security?

Cyber Security

Perhaps a decade ago a large number of organizations were adequately prepared to combat with cyber-attacks but today IT is up against advanced persistent threats (APTs), and another unique challenge is that these attacks are not spearheaded by human assailants. Today cyber-attacks are driven by automated bots. The intensity and sustainability of these attacks have made it tough for the organizations to handle the sheer volume of attacks by making quick and high impact decisions.

Under these circumstances merely putting an IT personnel to combat with Cyber Security would not be a better solution. Human is not only incapable of keeping up with the sheer volume of incoming threats, but their ability to address these issues is truly inefficient. Security automation is a powerful and effective role call to combat the onslaught of incoming Cyber Security threats. Automation is more than the protection of technology. Its applications are expanding for IT infrastructure and the IT environment. Security automation is contributing to the establishment of a full security envelope by playing a substantial role in the real-time monitoring of alerts and incident response planning.

Yes, it is time for automation to beef up Cyber Security and ensure greater defense than ever before. Here is the list of some measure concerns around incorporating the automation in Cyber Security.

Loss of Control

Perceived loss of control is the most significant hurdle to automation. The right automation tool is something which can provide high visibility. It can also enhance the oversight of entire cyber Security process.

Lack of Trust

Highly skilled human workers feel that they are capable enough for managing the response of an incident than a machine can do. Lack of trust of technology is incredibly the biggest hurdle, but ultimately the frequency and complexity of attacks make distrust of technology a futile argument.

Fear of Change

What will happen when technology hold the process? Will IT department have Robot replacement?

Fear of change is another biggest hurdle in the perfect implication of security automation. But the fact is that Automation certainly changes the way people work, and it plays significant role in creating as many opportunities as it can.

Uniform Strength 

There no military leader who can march onto the battlefield with an army that is significantly smaller in number, strengths, and skills. Same is true in case of cyber Security. Security automation enhances the ability of the organization to combat with the incoming attacks and offer the greatest level of protection.

Increased Efficiency

Cyber Security automation in your home can help you to streamline the workflow, create a uniform and an efficient environment. Other than it is considered to be the most cost-effective security management solution.

Fewer Errors 

In future, we are going to experience some outstanding cyber Security issues. Even the most skilled IT professionals are prone to make mistakes. A single error can make you face an incredible loss. Therefore, automation is the only way which can help you to eliminate this issue. It reduce the human element from whole security management procedure.

The level of complexity in today’s networks is growing steadily.  The increasing sophistication of the threats is outpacing the ability of the devices to keep up. In this highly competitive environment a machine based automated response to the computer-based automated attack is imperative. Therefore, Security automation to address cyber Security is like fighting fire with fire. It is a battle of good bots against some bots that can significantly harm your business.

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