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The New Bio-Threat Detection Ring – Another Hint Towards A Dystopian Future of Wearables



Bio-threat detection ring

The fast-paced tech advancements have left us relying more on technology for our routine works. Mainly, the wearable devices are having a significant impact on our lives. Wristbands, smart watches, goggles, and several other catchy gadgets not only make us appear fashionable but also ease our scheduled tasks. Taking the technology to the next level, scientists are now working on exploiting wearables for safety purposes as well. For instance, the new bio-threat detection ring is one such discovery.

Bio-Threat Detection Ring – Future of Wearables

Bio-threat detection ring front

Image Source: Fast Co Design

Joseph Wang and his team, at the University of California San Diego, have developed a sensitive detection ring. This ring is capable of sensing external threats to the wearer. It predominantly comprises of two parts. One of them is an electrochemical sensor that detects the damaging foreign agents. Whereas, the other part houses the circuit board. This part is meant to transfer the data to an attached smartphone via Bluetooth.

According to the makers, the ring sensors can detect any dangerous chemicals, such as the nerve agents and explosives. Regardless of the physical state of the chemical, the sensors are smart enough even to sense the threats in gaseous or vapor forms.

Easy-to-Wear Design

Bio-threat detection ring

Image Source: Fast Co Design

The smart sensors with a sensitive purpose are elegantly designed in the form of a finger ring. It is an oversized ring which the user can comfortably wear and remove as per his or her wish. It is indeed an incredible innovation by the makers to pool up the sophisticated sensor assembly in a small ring that protects its wearer smartly from all external threats well before time.

Recognition By The Government Sector

Interestingly, the project of developing the bio-threat detection ring is funded by the Defense Threat Detection Agency. It is a subsidiary of the Department of Defense. This institution serves to control the spreading of biological, chemical and other weapons of mass destruction. In addition, they are also focusing on the development of ‘shields’ against these threats. Indeed, the credibility, functionality, and the genuineness of the ring becomes evident when recognized by such a sensitive department.

Does It Hint Towards A Dystopian Future?

Right now, it is too early to accurately claim this device to be a useful venture or the beginning of a dystopian future. From one perspective, it seems the device serves as the first line of defense against the external threats. As it warns the user prior coming across with any harmful agent directly. Nevertheless, this may trigger the development of more of such devices that only lead towards a world full of machines and gadgets which lacks human interaction. In fact, it may also make the population utterly dependable on these gadgets.

At the moment, we are only having a few details about this gadget. Probably, some more information about its usefulness, supply and availability might help us deduce firm conclusions about its impact on human life. Presently, it seems to be a wonderful gadget highly ensuring the wearer’s security!

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Sneaker-Creeper Concept With Robotic Sole – A Futuristic Gift For Your Feet!




Can you try going out for jogging while wearing sandals? Or, how about going to a formal function while wearing sneakers? Would you prefer going on an expedition while wearing slippers? Of course, your answer to all these babbling questions would be a straight ‘NO’, isn’t it? Then aren’t you fed up with changing your footwear again and again for different circumstances? Of course, some things are to be followed as a fashion or trend. But, the comfort of your feet while you are roaming around in various conditions also matter a lot. That is why you have a different footwear specified for a different purpose. Now let’s just wait here and think for a while, how about having something that meets your comfort requirements at every time? The futuristic robotic Sneaker-Creeper concept seems to have been directed to serve the purpose.

The Soft Sneaker-Creeper Concept With Robotic Sole

sneaker-creeper concept

Image Source: Tuvie

The Sneaker-Creeper is a wonderful concept having a soft robotic sole that ensures the comfort of your feet when worn. The idea belongs to a Russian designer Ilyas Darakchiev. He presents the concept with a vision to create something that is not only trendy and futuristic, but also remains comfortable to be worn at any time. Inspired by the movement and actions of microorganisms to adapt their surroundings, the soft robotic sole can adopt different shapes accordingly, so as to remain cozy on your feet.

The Design of Sneaker-Creeper Soft Robotic Sole

The soft sole robots comprise of elastic material which enables them to change their shape quickly. Unlike other robots which are rigid, the elasticity of this robotic sole is what makes it more useful and comfortable for the user. The sole changes its shape owing to the liquid or gas filled inside it which drives its artificial muscle-like structure.

sneaker-creeper concept moving

Image Source: Tuvie

Since the robots are soft and elastic, they are able to crawl or creep themselves without needing your intervention. That means you can experience crawling or creeping even when you stand still. Isn’t it enchanting? This amusing resilience of the sole robots makes your sneakers to transform into a variety of footwear depending upon your requirement. Whether you wish to wear gym shoes for your next visit, or you need joggers to go on the track, with these robotic Sneaker-Creepers, you can do it all!

Future Outlook

The designer of this concept sneaker-creeper, Ilyas Darakchiev, certainly deserves appreciation on bringing up this fantastic and futuristic wearable concept. The concept images of this wearable are reasonably mesmerizing. Whereas, the features and specs, as defined by the inventor, are enticing too. Indeed, the concept is a depiction of the perfect blend of aesthetics with technology and futurism.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming difficult for anyone to keep updating the wardrobe and shoe collection to match the requirements of different routine activities. Hence, the throwing in of this wonderful Sneaker-Creeper concept is a timely step to capture the market of the future. Presently, there aren’t many details available regarding this wearable. However, from what we see right now, we can say that we are going to have something wholly awesome for us in the days to come.

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Curiscope Virtuali-Tee Lets You Look Inside Your Own Body




Recently Curiscope, a startup company, came up with Virtuali-Tee the perfect blend of VR and AR to make health tracking easier to make the anatomy understandable.

You get a life and a healthy body only once. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of it. There are plenty of advices about caring for your body and mental health. Sometimes, it seems overwhelming to come up with the best solution. ‘You are what you eat’ and ‘take regular exercise’ are some of the clichés you might have heard a lot. With different suggestions and recommendation, most of the time, people abandon any effort to take care of themselves as it seems complicated. They find it hard to keep the track record of food they take in, or the work out they do to burn out the specific amount of calories. However, one thing is a fact for sure. If your health fails, it will overshadow everything that is going on in your life. From relatively minor health issues to major problems, your health can affect everything.


The emergence of technology is revolutionizing the world around. The concept of IoT products and virtual reality has brought some big advancements in our lives. In this fast-paced linked world where everyone is talking about connectivity and automation, Curiscope took a step forward and introduced Virtuali-Tee. It is a perfect blend of AR and VR allowing the users to take a peek inside their chest cavities. This application of a little science can go a long way to help you to work out and intake what is best for your body and mind.

Take A Look At Yourself With Curiscope Virtuali-Tee

We all feel confident about health. Because we all know a fair amount of details about our body regarding our general health and physical appearances. However, most of us never bother for an in-depth check-up unless or until something goes wrong. Ed Barton and his UK based startup company ‘Curiscope’ have taken a step forward to make this ignorance a thing of past. Curiscope changed it with the blend of virtual reality and augmented reality apps. An anatomy VR app and the Virtuali-tee, a T-Shirt, allows people to see inside their own body.

According to Barton, they have used the mixture of AR and VR to see the anatomy. He suggests that with positional tracking of AR, we can position VR experiences physically in our environment. Barton and the co-founder of Curiscope, Ben Kidd, raised a fair amount of almost $1 million through seed funding from a local Globe, and they are successful in selling nearly 3000 Virtuali-Tee.

High Tech T-Shirt

Now the team of VR experts at Curiscope removed the need for messy surgeries to have to peek inside the human body. Virtuali-Tee is the transformation of a daily-wear to a high-quality T-Shirt having a cool design to animated model of a human body. The shirt itself is the representation of human ribcage and spine in the form of Pixels.

When you view the shirt through an application, it will reveal an animated human chest cavity. A complete view of beating heart, lungs, liver, intestines and much more. The user can look at the organs in detail by moving the wearer around. Taping at the point of interest will bring more information on the screen. This Xray vision view into the body can teach a lot of facts about anatomy. Vituali-Tee is successful in transforming the smartphones and tablets into immersive Virtual reality education adventures in the field of medicine. It makes you look good inside.

How Does It Work?

You can blur the physical and digital items by making the use of positional trackers. Certainly, it would be an experience more tightly connected to reality. Virtuali-Tee is the perfect mix of both technologies. It makes AR your interface and makes the use of VR to transport you somewhere else.

This technology behind virtuali-tee works using highly stylized QR code printed on the front of the shirt. The user can scan the code with the corresponding app. In order to explore throughout the chest cavity including the lungs and heart inside the savage.

The AR technology hit the mainstream with a debut of Pokemon Go. But, the application of VR witnessed that it can go far beyond just games. Either it is smartphone usage, or vehicle blueprint design, virtual reality is developing quickly. The combination of VR and AR is making Virtuali-Tee fully immersive. It is a remarkable edition in the IoT family that is leading to a host of other innovations that will come up with the combination of VR and AR.

Undoubtedly, this shirt is a fantastic creation for curious mindsets. Moreover, you can make use of it for educational purposes as well. It makes anatomy and biology a fun experience that can help the students to wrap up their minds. Other than formal education, this device allows us to connect with our own biology. Virtuali-Tee not only helps the people to understand their inner working. But it also gives us a better idea about the things we do everyday, from our eating habits to the exercise, which can affect our health.

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The Aircon Watch Wrist Air Conditioner Is A Wonderful Body Temperature Regulator!



Aircon watch

The trail of latest gadgets coming in as wearables seems directed to making us wholly tech-reliant. The domain of wearable wristbands and smartwatches now extends up to interfere with human health as well. The Aircon Watch Wrist Air Conditioner is an innovative form of wearable wristbands. It gives you the control to stay warm or cold as per your wish.

The Aircon Watch Wrist Air Conditioner

Two dedicated researchers at Hong Kong are working to create the exciting Aircon temperature watch. It is a small wearable gadget that is supposed to regulate your body temperature as per your wish. This gadget is a fantastic device to keep you warm during those chilling winters. Whereas, it will also make you feel cool during hot summers too.

aircon watch wristband

Image source: Aircon

It is a simple watch, more specifically, a wristband with a temperature regulator. The device functions on the concept that modification of the temperature of a specific area of skin can lead to a change in the overall body temperature. Its impact on the human body is similar to what an ice cube could do when applied to your wrist.

Design And Working Of The Wrist Temperature Regulator

The Aircon watch has an OLED display screen that shows the date and time. The dial is made up of aluminum alloy and contains the control buttons. Whereas, the straps of the watch includes temperature regulators. This intelligent sensor system powered by ClimaCon technology is designed to interact with the human body directly.

It sends signals to the brain to regulate the body temperature. At first, it generates pulses of temperature regulation to the nerves beneath the skin. In turn, these pulses travel along the nerves to reach hypothalamus. It is the organ that maintains the body temperature. As it gets the command, it raises or lowers the body temperature accordingly, making the person feel good.

aircon watch colors

Image source: Aircon

The Aircon watch can adjust the body temperature from as low as 12 degree Celsius to as high as 40 degrees. In this way, it rules out even the slightest chances of any temperature shock to the body. It is available in two different color variants of the strap, the black and the white. You can choose any of the colors as per your preferences.

Aircon Watch charger

The stylish Aircon watch comes with a Li-ion battery of 400 mAh which can provide 4 hours of backup while cooling and 8 hours for maintaining a higher temperature. Whereas, it offers a standby battery time for two days. It is a rechargeable battery that can easily be inducted with a compatible charger.

Why Is It Designed As A Wrist Wearable?

Well, let’s suppose if this temperature regulator is designed as a wearable jacket. Would it be feasible for you to wear it in hot summers? Even if it keeps you cool, it won’t look pleasant to the eye! Had it been designed as eye-glasses, you won’t be able to wear it during the dark. Moreover, it will also lose its functionality, causing a strain on your optic nerves.

aircon watch while working

By looking at the amazing design of this temperature watch, we can say that the manufacturers are smart enough to take care of the fashion trends along with the biological aspects. The nerves and blood vessels are the nearest to the skin in your wrist area. Hence, any impulses generated over this part will travel faster than those produced via any other body part. Consequently, the message will deliver at the fastest pace to the brain, resulting in quicker changes. The moment the wearer commands the watch to change body temperature, he will observe the changes taking place within a few minutes.

Crowdfunding on KickStarter

The concept of making a temperature watch originated in Hong Kong. It is a place where people are mostly roaming the streets bearing all the climatic stresses. When the idea was made public as a KickStarter campaign, it greatly attracted the viewers. By today, the manufacturers have gathered approximately 31 times more funds then what they initially pursued via crowdfunding.

The Aircon Temperature Watch Will Be Available Soon

The growing popularity of this temperature watch depicts the excitement for the customers who are longing for such a device. The Aircon watch is a trendy, easy-to-wear gadget that will be available in December 2017. It is already available for pre-orders with a price of $79.99. That gives you a discount of $50 from the announced cost of the device.

Wrapping It Up

The users are desperate to have this watch in hand which will make them stay cool in those hot summers. Whereas, people living in cold areas are waiting for this instant heater to make them relaxed in chilling winters. The makers of the watch claim that the device is also beneficial for menopausal women who frequently experience hot flushes.

Even in the everyday office environment, you don’t need to fight with your colleagues anymore over the temperature of the room AC. You can quickly adjust yourself in any temperature conditions as and when required. The device will also benefit the patients healing from certain injuries by altering the body temperature to the optimum for quick healing.

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Stay tuned to get more updates about this brilliant Aircon Watch Wrist Temperature Regulator! Till then, here is an interesting video for you to view about the Aircon watch.

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