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Noria Air Conditioner – The World’s Most Convenient & Portable Air Conditioning System



Noria air conditioner

Noria Air conditioner is the world’s first and most convenient and portable air conditioning system with 5,000 BTU. With iOS and Android app, that allows the user to make energy saving schedules from anywhere at anytime.

In What Ways Noria Air Conditioner Is Better Than Earlier Window Air Conditioners

From beautiful design to remote connectivity, easy installation and schedule creation, Noria air conditioner can make your living easier with a better window air conditioning experience. And its low profile design allows the user to keep the view of the window also makes it easier to store.

Specs & Features Of Noria Air Conditioner

  • Noria is just 5.8″ tall. It Includes a sleek and modern design with quiet and powerful fans to keep your environment cool and save your money.
  • Noria offers smart and intuitive controls. It has thermostat knob interface, which makes interaction easier and simpler.
  • Noria comes with a light-weight window support adapter, which guarantees a safe and secure way of installing Noria for anyone, without the fear of dropping it from the window.
  • Noria is small enough that you can put it under your bed or any other safe place. Its saves your time that you use for installing or removing the heavy weighted air conditioners.
  • During winter, just simply turn on the fresh air mode. In this function, it uses fans to pull the cooler air outside without opening another window.
  • The lights of its standard units can be powered off during sleep time. Noria is being designed with a special “night mode” to cease this problem while also makes sure that you can still find your way in the dark.
  • Noria air conditioner guides cool air up towards the roof to create a convective circle that prevents cold and hot places as it cools up to a 10′ x 16′ room with a single unit.
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Home appliances

Laundry Folding Device For Lazy Peeps That Will Fold And Sprays Perfume



Laundry Folding Device

“Imagine handing over your washing to a friend who folds it for you” is the rather deft way in which FoldiMate Laundry Folding Device describes the interests of its robotic clothes folding machine. The compact says its device can cut in half the time consumed by the laborious task of clothes folding, although for a rather hefty outlay. The FoldiMate Family, as the first commercially available transcription, is called, is designed to minimize folding hassle in the home. Rather than folding each item of freshly cleaned clothing in turn and with altering degrees of quality, the user just trims 15-20 items of, onto the front of the machine. The FoldiMate then takes them in one at a time and finally outputs a collection of neatly and uniformly folded wash on a pull-out tray, which has a volume of up to 10-30 items depending on thickness.

How Laundry Folding Device Work

FoldiMate tells it takes less than 5 seconds to clip an item into place, around 20-30 seconds for wrinkling and 10 seconds for the folding method. It says it hasn’t noticed a lot of people who can fold wash as quick and with as uniform quality as the time taken to cut items in place, which is the primary active role that the user performs in the manner. Most types of washing can reportedly be allowed by the FoldiMate Family, including shirts, pants, towels and pillowcases, but it won’t hold large items like bed material or small items like undergarments or socks. The device runs on 110-V or 220-V energy, and FoldiMate says it’s lower than the average for a washer or dryer. It also says that there’s less than a 1 percent chance of fabrics getting damaged.

Features Of Laundry Folding Device

The wrinkling and treatment options, the following containing perfuming, softening and sanitization, will be sold individually. The steam skill for wrinkling will require around $200-$300 and the processing caps around $15-$40, though how various it’s not cleared. FoldiMate says it plans to start allowing pre-orders for the Family in 2017 and suspects to ship the first systems by 2018. It will be made convenient to the areas of the world in which it is most in need first, but the company signifies to make the machine accessible globally. An expert model is more originated.

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Bioo Plant Charger – Charge Your Devices With Any Plant



Bioo Plant Charger

Would you believe if someone tells that you can now charge your devices with any plant? Doesn’t this sound crazy? Like one of your biggest dream is coming true, the world where plants could supply us with the cleanest and greenest energy possible. Well, it would not be just a dream anymore, because Bioo plant charger will be arriving soon to change the world.

It is a modern and compact technology through which you will be able to generate electricity from a simple, daily process on which plants rely to survive – Photosynthesis.

Bioo plant charger provides continuous electricity supply day and night, showing that plants may just be the only way out for truly clean and renewable energy.

Bioo plant charger is the perfect plan to redesign the idea of charging your tablet, phone or other devices. It also includes a clean and better look, with the plant of your choice. It has been designed as simple daily-use electricity plug, in your house. It also includes a clean and better look, with the plant of your choice.

We have plants universally, as decoration in our houses and our workplaces, so why not use them for a better purpose? Just plug in your devices to charge in the modern and unique looking plant pots and forget about their battery life.

Bioo plant charger will not only be helpful for the environment by using plants as the energy source but also can help the users by reducing their daily electricity consumption.

How Does A Bioo Plant Charger Work

The Bioo is a plant pot that produces the power by the plant’s photosynthesis to help you charge your devices; even if it is a tablet, a phone, etc.

Bioo tech can provide two to three charges per day at 0.5A and 3.5V via a USB port which is covered expertly as a rock. This pot uses organic materials that react with the water and organic matter from the plant’s photosynthesis. This effects recti to photosynthesizing enough power to charge devices.

This is just a start, just imagine entire forests controlled in this way. With the help of this innovation, you can not only light up the cities with 100% green energy, but this could a be yet another great reason to protect plants and trees.

For more details and their release plans, visit their official website:

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