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Pebblebee Finder – Tiniest Device to find your Lost Valuable



Pebblebee Finder

Pebblebee Finder is an innovation introduced by a small company named Pebblebee. The basic concept is to locate any missing item by using just a tiny Bluetooth-enabled device named as the Pebblebee Finder.

Pebblebee is a hardware manufacturing company that has been busy building small tracking devices namely the Honey and the Stone. The company was founded by two software engineers, Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks. They both had a vision to build a useful but an affordable device that could track missing items using just Bluetooth.

The Company had a big support from Kickstarter, which is the world’s largest platform known for funding of companies for creative projects. This support was enough to let the company start the operations.

Pebblebee Finder

The Finder is the company’s recent innovation, or we could say an enhancement to their previous products. The new finder is a small device that can be attached to everything. The device works more efficiently with its own mobile app, named as Pebblebee, downloadable on iOS and Android.


This tiny round device is supposed to be made up of a high-grade stainless-steel that makes it highly durable. It contains a replaceable battery, loud speaker, LED light, a removable poly cap and of course the secret sauce!Pebblebee components

Assemble all these and you are ready to go. The device has a diameter of about 30×9 mm. It’s available in three colors – gunmetal black, rose gold and silver. All three versions have a same classy look.


After assembling of the device, you have to attach it to the object that you think you can lose in the future. Now open the Pebblebee app on your phone and tap the “Find” button and the device will start to make a loud beep with a red LED flashing on the device.

You can also use the proximity map to locate the missing object. Open the proximity map and see where the missing object was last recorded. And there you go!

What makes it better?

As stated earlier, the Pebblebee has already introduced two devices in the past with the same purpose. So what’s new in the about-to-come Pebblebee Finder? Pebblebee Finder new featuresThese are what makes it better:

  • It’s made up of surgical stainless steel so the device is safe and durable at the same time.
  • You could find any lost object in the range of 200 feet, which was 150 feet in the previously introduced devices by the company.
  • The device works in opposite way as well. Means you could also use the ‘Finder’ to locate your mobile phone by squeezing the device itself.
  • The sound of the beep is now louder enough at 85 decibels so you can hear it from 200 feet away!
  • The LED is now brighter.
  • The new Finder is available in 3 different colors; you can pick your favorite one.Available colors


This new technology, introduced by the Pebblebee Company is giving us the ability to deal with a very common issue of our daily lives. Losing an item, like your keys, remote controller, mobile phone or your pet is something we face on almost daily basis. You can use the devices on literally any surface, item or living being.

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